School and Unit Logos

Master branding for UCI schools, departments, centers and for UCI Health departments, the UCI School of Medicine and the UCI Susan & Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences.

School Signature

Master branding our schools is smart business. By communicating a clear relationship to the university, each school can leverage the equity of the university brand. This in turn elevates the university’s status by means of a clear association to each school’s offerings and achievements.

Any official logo/wordmark for UCI must be created by the Office of Strategic Communications & Public Affairs.

school signature examples

Named School Signature

Academic Units/Schools

  • UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts
  • UCI Continuing Education
  • UCI Division of Undergraduate Education
  • UCI Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences
  • UCI Graduate Division
  • UCI Interdisciplinary Studies
  • UCI Paul Merage School of Business
  • UCI Program in Public Health
  • UCI Samueli School of Engineering
  • UCI School of Biological Sciences
  • UCI School of Education
  • UCI School of Humanities
  • UCI School of Law
  • UCI School of Medicine
  • UCI School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • UCI School of Physical Sciences
  • UCI School of Social Ecology
  • UCI School of Social Sciences
  • UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing
  • UCI Susan & Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences
named school signature examples

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Academic Departments

While branding our departments is typically not necessary, here are a few acceptable constructs for presenting department names in conjunction with our identity.

academic department signature examples

Academic Centers

Our centers of excellence are some of the best in the world. They’re a critical part of the UCI story. As with our schools, the relationship of each center to the university must be made clear.

Our master branding system will ensure that both center and university are strengthened by a direct and clear association.

Signature Configuration 1 – Flush Left, Stacked

Signature Configuration 2 – Flush Left, Single Line

UCI School of Medicine


Master branding helps to make clear the options for wordmarks within the UCI School of Medicine.

The UCI School of Medicine wordmark is used in the academic setting and may never be locked up with the UCI Health logo. For any patient-facing material, please use UCI Health.

To request artwork for UCI Health or academic properties, please call 949-824-6922 or email

Primary configuration for UCI School of Medicine departments and programs

Primary Configuration for UCI School of Medicine departments and programs.
This is the preferred use for academic, non patient-facing material.

Optional two-line, stacked configuration for UCI School of Medicine departments and programs.
This two-line stacked configuration is used when space is limited but the complete name of the department, division, etc. must be used as part of the wordmark. It is to be used in academic, non patient-facing material.
This optional logo is created with prior approval from the School of Medicine. Contact:

UCI Health

The below is an example configuration of the UCI Health wordmark when a department, center, institute or clinic is being referenced in patient-facing or clinical settings.

The below is not a lock-up to the UCI Health logo but, rather, additional identifying information under the logo. Any additional copy or information added must be placed at a minimum “U” distance away from the UCI Health logo; this includes department, center, institute, clinic, etc.

Master branding helps to make clear the offerings that are within the UCI Health system.

*Note: All exterior signage on any clinical office, building or facility will be the UCI Health signature.

UCI Medical Centers

*Note: All exterior signage on any clinical office, building or facility will be the UCI Health signature.

The primary identifier for medical centers will be UCI Health. There will be no logos for UCI Medical Centers, but they will be referred to in copy as such. 
Additionally, location information would not be included on signage or as a headline in an ad or brochure. Location information will only be used in body copy or in a call-to-action, as any address information would be treated. Please see below as reference for location identifiers in copy:

UCI Medical Center
Irvine, Jamboree Road

UCI Medical Center
Orange, The City Drive

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Usage Restrictions

Signature Usage

This page provides examples of incorrect and correct master branding. The core elements of our signature are intended to be used for signature purposes only (see Figure 2). All other usages are not acceptable (see Figure 1).

It is critical that we treat our identity properly (by adhering to our system) and not degrade our brand and the quality for which it stands.

In the case of communications about themed events, setting the UCI name in a promotional font is permitted. However, it is imperative that each promotion be clearly and properly endorsed by the university. To do this, we must apply the university signature with strict adherence to the system presented in these guidelines. The result will be a clear visual separation of the promotional event name from our university signature.

Incorrect Usage

Figure 1: When creating an event identity, do not embed the UCI signature.

Correct Usage

Figure 2: Acceptable application of the UCI signature (in blue bar) and UCI Name (in event logo).

Signature Creation

At least one of the following criteria must be met to warrant the need for a master branded signature:

  • Falls under the category of a school, department or center of excellence
  • Is a major university initiative directed by the chancellor’s office

All other needs for a master brand signature are served by our existing identity system.