Primary Typeface

Kievit Slab OT is the primary typeface for UCI’s communications. It has been chosen because its classic yet modern style reinforces the brand. It features a number of weights and thicknesses in standard and italic versions. This provides maximum flexibility for various applications.

The Kievit Slab font is not supplied by Strategic Communications & Public Affairs and must be purchased by your department.

Purchase Kievit Slab

primary font examples

Secondary Typefaces

Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Helvetica and Seravek may be used alone or in combination with Kievit Slab OT for any digital or print communications. These fonts are most appropriate for technical information, call-outs, footnotes and other tertiary information.

secondary font examples

Web Typefaces


Arial is used for as the primary font ALL digital/web applications for UCI’s academic campus.

Roboto Slab (available from Google Fonts) may be used in lieu of Kievit Slab for headings and subheadings.

UCI Health

Calibri is used for ALL digital/web applications for UCI Health.