Marks and Support Graphics


Our seal is the visual symbol of the university. It includes the word “Irvine” at the bottom and is only appropriate for the most formal applications and expressions of identity as a stand-alone graphic element. As the UCI seal loses its clarity and depth when printed, it should not be used on the web, nor should it be cropped in any applications.

The seals cannot be modified in any way. For additional information or guidance, email

For permission to use UCI seals, please email or call 949-824-6922.

Traditional Seal

1.5” or larger diameter

For use in official business and larger printed material

UCI Seal (no fill)
UCI Seal (white fill)
UCI Seal (2 color)

Simplified Seal

Small Applications

For use in marketing, social media or digital

UCI Simple Seal (no fill)


UCI Simple Seal (white fill)
UCI Simple Seal (2 color)

0.75” min. – 1.5” max. diameter

Must be at least 3/4” (0.75”)

UCI Simple Seal (no fill) - small
UCI Simple Seal (white fill) - small
UCI Simple Seal (2 color) - small

Mascot & Monogram


Peter the Anteater™ helps to foster school spirit and offers a way to express UCI’s culture and individuality. Variations have been developed over UCI’s history. There is a selection of Anteaters at Student Affairs that may be used as design elements. To learn how the Anteater came to be UCI’s mascot, visit Peter’s page.

Please make sure that the words Peter the Anteater™ are trademarked in writing. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Trademark and Licensing at

BC Anteater

B.C. Anteater


Our monogram is a rallying symbol for athletic team support and school spirit. The athletics logo monogram is limited to those communications relating to our athletic teams and departments. To obtain permission and artwork, please call 949-824-0160 or email

Athletics monogram

Support Graphics

Bright Mark

Our bright mark is a support graphic that helps us to express our brand.
As an abstract mark, it has no single meaning, but instead supports many ideas around education – illuminating knowledge, a bright idea, a brilliant performance or a shining example. It’s mathematical in nature and connotes science, energy and beauty.

The 12-pointed version is used for smaller or quieter applications.

The 16-pointed version is used for larger or more dynamic applications.

Download the bright mark

When the link above is clicked, users will be redirected to the UCI asset management system. Only current employees with valid UCInetIDs may request access to download brand assets. If you have been approved to use our asset management system, please log in prior to accessing links for assets. If you have not been granted access, follow the directions to request access once you log-in with your UCInetID.

Bright Mark, 12 points

12 points

Bright Mark, 16 points

16 points

Support Graphic Restrictions

Unacceptable Usage

Here are some examples of incorrect usage of the bright mark.

In order for our bright mark to be bright, we must ensure that the substrate and/or background color on which it is placed, be darker than that of the mark itself.

There should be adequate contrast between the bright mark and the background.

Do not create patterns using the bright mark.

Do not use the bright mark at a size smaller than 1/2 inch.