New brand updates coming

After nearly two years of exploring UC Irvine's visual identity, we are excited to announce that we will begin transitioning from using "UCI" to "UC Irvine" as our primary logo, starting June 1, 2024.

This transition represents an expansion of our brand—an evolution that allows for greater creative flexibility within clearer guidelines. While we will continue to use the "UCI" logo, it will no longer serve as our primary mark. Instead, it will be known as the UCI Monogram, our secondary identifier. Our new primary identifier, "UC Irvine," remains closely tied to the UCI Monogram in both font and style. With the launch of the new logo on June 1, our updated identity embraces our rich history and future potential, further positioning UC Irvine as a beacon of innovation, collaboration and opportunity.


The primary logo has changed from "UCI" to "UC Irvine." The UC Irvine primary logo is now the official mark of UC Irvine and should be used on all external communications and on internal communications requiring a more formal approach.

New UC Irvine logo

The UC Irvine secondary identifier logo, known as the UCI Monogram, is designed for internal use within the UC Irvine community. It may also be used informally on external communications when accompanied by the primary identifier logo.

Primary and secondary color palettes

We are excited to introduce a more unified color palette, which expands our secondary palette to include colors from our Athletics and Health enterprises. Additional updates will be shared to further expand the palette and provide clear guidance on how to use the new colors. Notably, the previous UCI gold (PMS 109) has been updated to UC Irvine gold (PMS 116) to enhance accessibility.


There are two new typefaces.

Monserrat is the primary typeface for UC Irvine’s communications. The versatile sans-serif font is known for its modern and geometric design. Although mainly seen in websites and online media, its high readability and ease of scaling make Montserrat a suitable typeface for printed material, such as brochures, signage and even books.

Secondary typeface Hepta Slab is a serif font that provides a more traditional appearance.

Rollout and additional changes to come

Brand updates debuted on June 1, 2024 at an institutional level. Further rollouts (color palettes and sub-brands) are anticipated by early fall with an updated brand guide. Please note that creating logo files for all campus units will take additional time, so we appreciate your patience during this transition. We aim for all campus units to fully transition to the new brand by September 2025. The UCI Health and UC Irvine Athletic brands will remain the same.

We look forward to celebrating this evolution and sharing more updates in the months ahead. Thank you for your continued support as we embrace our new identity.